All graphic contents, dialogues and sounds are from
the ME Saga by Bioware and Electronic Arts.
No copyright infringement intended.


Hi everyone,

This is my own version of Bioware's Mass Effect saga ending.

Like many other people, I just love the ME games. And also like many others, I was disappointed by the very last minutes of the last game. Although I found the original ending (I mean, with Extended Cut and Citadel DLC) quite epic and moving, it really felt like all the choices I had made didn't really change anything ; besides, I would have wanted more in the epilogue about the outcomes of this long adventure.

That's why I decided to make my own ending.

Despite everything, I just can't blame Bioware guys for that, they offered us such great moments of gaming… I just can't.
So really, although some may perceive it as a rude way to alter the artistic work of others for one's personnal pleasure, it is really a tribute to the Bioware Team who did such a marvelous job… once more.

Just to be clear, those were the choices I made and felt they should have made a difference in the ending :
- I didn't kill Wrex on Virmire in ME1. I cured the genophage in ME3.
- I spared the Rachni Queen both in ME1 & ME3.
- I brought back Javik to life.
- I've met the Leviathan.
- I stopped the War between Quarians and Geth.
All my squadmates from ME2 were loyal and survived the Suicide Mission, I've done pretty much all sidequests and other tasks (XP Points, EMS stuff in ME3, upgrades, etc…). Even some of those things have consequences in this epilogue, about Hanars, Elcors or Volus for example. Besides, my best pal and most regular squadmate was Garrus. My Shepard romanced Ashley in ME1, and then Tali in ME2 (The other bitch dumped me on Horizon ! What was I supposed to do ?...), and Tali again in ME3 (See ? I'm faithful…).

Well, that's about it. I hope you guys will enjoy this little video.
Thanks to you for watching, and of course, to all the Bioware team !
And if you do enjoy it, share it with other ME players, spread the word… Shepard lives ! ;-)

Archibald Pinault

P.S : For those who chose the "Control", "Synthesis" or "Shoot the damn kid / Walk away" ending, well… suck it up, guys ! You had your ending : the Reapers survive, Shepard dies !

P.P.S = I'm French, by the by… so excuse the grammatical and/or spelling mistakes that might have slipped through…

(21st September 2013)

EDIT (6th October 2013) :

Bioware has posted this video on its "Mass Effect 3" official facebook page... The ultimate recognition !!! ;-)